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  Relationship-oriented psychotherapeutic approaches focus on the one hand on internalised representations of conflictual relationship patterns and on the other on changing interpersonal conflicts. Couples and family therapy are ever more frequently deployed psychotherapeutic methods that help those involved in relationship systems to change the interaction in these systems. The objective is to handle interpersonal disturbances in such a way that symptoms improve or even get resolved.
Among the clusters of symptoms for which interpersonal relationship disturbances are associated primarily with developing but also with perpetuating a pathology, one can include as mental disorders dysthymias, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, particularly, however, acute stress disorders, adjustment disorders and personality disorders. Existential crises and difficult conflictual constellations also require counselling. Couples and family therapy are indicated for these clusters of symptoms of disorders.
The objective of the institute is to help patients to better functioning relationships as effectively as possible with the illnesses mentioned by means of individual, couples and family treatment, including their relevant social frame of reference.
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